MARCH 3, 2020
CODEC: 12978291025


"At the Alan Watts memorial celebration in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, someone in the audience shouted to Jano Watts: “What was it like to live with Alan?” Her answer: “Never dull. He was a man full of fun and surprises. And the biggest surprise of all was on November sixteenth last year.” During that last evening of his life Alan Watts played with balloons. He described the weightless, floating sensation as being “like my spirit leaving my body.” In the night he went on to a new journey of the spirit, riding the wind, laughing joyously."


I am uncomfortable with the idea of ephemerality. It scares me. Everything I do is centered around the idea of permanence, of sharing. Of memory.

This impacts the way that I create. I ue community and tribe over all else, so I make products with the desire to share them with others. To let them stand through time.

Yet this desire to both share and archive has turned from a pure-hearted desire into a roadblock. It leaves me feeling discouraged from creating, when I cannot perfect the mechanism for it to be delivered.


I am recognizing that the idea of archival (and even of _sharing_) is not as important as I have thought it to be. A creative project with an end-date — a creative thought with an end-date — is perfectly reasonable. It's fine for these words to appear on a page today, and then disappear tomorrow.

So that's exactly what this space is for. New thoughts will appear every so often. They may even appear daily. The ones that came before will leave. And then they will too, to make room for something new.


This is a space for "riding the wind", as we all someday will.