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PROPOSAL 261 | Dynamic Quorum Updates | AGAINST

First-time voter here, and I'm starting off my time by expressing opposition to the idea of "hell yes" voting.

While I understand the importance of creating a quorum function that represents the DAO's interests as a whole, I believe that the DAO's best interests lie in being open to anyone interested in building. A DAO that becomes too focused on "hell yes" votes is a DAO that receives less attention and energy.

Some of the best innovations have been born out of skepticism and doubt.

PROPOSAL 260 | Forgeries - ALL are FAKE except ONE | FOR

If one of the DAO's main objectives is to spread the Nouns meme, Forgeries accomplishes this effectively. It's well-crafted, incorporates Noun-like attributes, and utilizes a Noun as the central prize.

The lack of a funding request makes it even more appealing. It's heartening to see projects that aren't driven solely by financial gain but instead prioritize building alongside the DAO. Droposals are one of my favorite things about Nouns and we should be embracing them.

By supporting this project, we not only help grow Nouns, we also encourage a culture of creativity.

PROPOSAL 262 | Showcase Nouns 3D-Printed Collection on Times Square Billboards | AGAINST

Voting against this proposal due to my skepticism regarding promoting Nouns via paid advertising. Although billboards in Times Square can be effective in creating brand awareness for large companies, I’m doubtful that a Nounish ad would have a significant impact on encouraging tourists to convert.

My objections are not specific to this particular proposal, but rather stem from a general skepticism towards this type of marketing. I have yet to come across anyone who has been convinced to participate in web3 as a result of Times Square ads from previous NFT NYC campaigns.

PROPOSAL 263 | Nouns Esports - CS:GO and Dota2 Rosters 2023 | FOR

While I have to out myself as not-an-esports-guy, taking a look at the narrative around Nouns Esports shows that this team is creating a lot of goodwill for Nouns (and web3!) in one of the areas most hostile to crypto: Gaming.

Nouns Esports' focus on transparency and equity through the use of DAO mechanics is helping to shift perceptions and debunk myths about web3 in a community that could greatly benefit from its adoption. It's truly inspiring to see projects like this paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future. This is an easy 'for' vote and I look forward to seeing what comes from this project in the years to come.

PROPOSAL 265 | Noun Wet Wipes | FOR

This proposal seems to be facing opposition, most likely due to the unconventional nature of the product being wet wipes — but I believe there are valid reasons to say yes to this! If one of the goals of the DAO is to proliferate the meme that is Nouns, printed products can absolutely have a positive impact. Moreover, the financial ask is completely reasonable, the team has experience, and there's a plan to make this a permanent item in a physical store.

I believe that one of the biggest advantages of Nouns as a DAO is the ability to support unconventional and creative projects that may not receive funding elsewhere. The request for $20,000 (almost entirely going to manufacturing with minimal overhead) seems like a worthwhile ask.

The worst case scenario here is that these are made and mostly used as a giveaway item at web3 conferences. That would be fine! But in a best case scenario, these become a staple of someone's shopping experience, helping to normalize NFTs and demonstrate how DAOs can turn unique ideas into reality.

Kudos to Noun 587 and Noun 426 for their effort to STOP the spread of bacteria while STARTING the spread of the meme that is Nouns.

PROPOSAL 266 | The Nouns Mechanical Keyboard | FOR

Mechanical keyboards are one of those wonderful niches that can quickly draw you in, going from knowing very little ("My MacBook keyboard works just fine") to becoming deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies of different switches and layouts ("Do I need to add an ergo split with some boba switches to my collection? No, I'll just keep using my latest keyboard with lubed Halo Trues, it feels too good to put away").

This is why introducing Nouns to the passionate community of mk enthusiasts who fully embrace builder culture feels like a great match.

Allocating funds to support the design and manufacturing of keyboards (which involves significant costs) as well as kickstarting a MK DAO is a meaningful use of the Nouns treasury.

PROPOSAL 268 | Nouns Autobidder Trial (by Federation) | AGAINST

I'm voting against this proposal because I'm having a hard time understanding its purpose. While it may indeed have potential value, the lack of clear reasoning in the proposal (coupled with the fact that a similar trial is already underway via Lil Nouns) leads me to vote against. Beyond that, I have a feeling that implementing an autobidder with the sole purpose of sending Nouns to the treasury may not be the best decision. I would appreciate hearing clearer reasoning of why this should be implemented from a potential future submission.


There's an interesting conversation to be had about the concept of 'nounish media', which I think is still lacking in both meaning and purpose.

That being said, one thing that's clear to me is the fact that where a centralized brand has serious limitations in what it can create, a headless brand has the advantage of endorsing a diverse variety of creations made by various individuals and groups, and simply observing which ones gain the most traction.

Since this EP doesn't require funding, but only seeks a co-sign in the form of a droposal, I believe it's worth supporting.

PROPOSAL 271 | “The Nominal Hero”: A Nouns Middle Grade Novel | AGAINST

Though I would love to vote in favor of this proposal, I can't help but feel that the amount of ETH requested doesn't make sense for a project of this size, especially with no go-to-market plan.

To be clear: Creating a CC0 book rules. Paying an author upfront to work on the project rules. Bringing Nouns to middle schoolers rules. But as a delegate, I feel the need to note that one of the main issues I see across a variety of proposals centers on a lack of clarity regarding what some perceive as outsized spend. Perhaps if this proposal had been developed in collaboration with the community, incorporating feedback on what feels like a reasonable budget may have resulted in less opposition.

Though I'm voting against, I hope that the author will consider submitting a revised proposal if this one does not pass.

PROPOSAL 274 | Oni Residency: Nouns Community Discord & Onboarding | FOR

As a relative outsider trying to participate in the Nouns ecosystem, I strongly believe that the community needs a central space where members can gather and collaborate.

I'm of the opinion that providing funding does NOT necessarily equate to endorsing any one space as a "official", but instead simply empowers a community leader to continue bringing people together.

It's crucial that people within the Nouns ecosystem work towards a shared vision of the future, and this proposal will help foster collaboration and growth within the community.

PROPOSAL 276 | Nounish Playground - The Game | AGAINST

One of the biggest lessons that the web3 community should have learned after the hype of 2021/2022 is that developing video games is a challenging task — and beyond the challenges of development, marketing them to stand out in the crowded field of mobile games is yet another challenge. While I appreciate the effort and initiative behind this proposal, I'm skeptical about its ability to make a significant impact.

However, beyond all of that the REAL deal-breaker for me is the proposed monetization strategies. In-app purchases and crowdfunding mechanics may work for some games, but I believe they miss the mark for the Nouns community. If the goal is to proliferate the Nouns meme, a DAO-funded game should be free to play, and the focus should be on creating an engaging, memorable experience that leaves players wanting to learn more about Nouns, not spending a few dollars on micro-transactions.

It's important to remember that successful games with an emphasis on multiplayer are built on communities and sustained by passionate players. If the proposed game fails to create an experience that resonates with the a wider audience, it has no real purpose. Ultimately, I think it's important for the Nouns community to continue experimenting and exploring with projects of this nature, but we need to ensure that they align with the DAO's goals before gaining funding.

PROPOSAL 277 | Open Source Nounish Hardware + Production | FOR

Funding an artist with a strong following in a specific niche to create custom CC0 work that proliferates Nouns?? This is, in my opinion, PRECISELY the type of project that the DAO should be backing wholeheartedly.

Approving this proposal would give an artist six months to build out a piece of hardware that has already seen demand and make it available at a relatively low cost. While some may view the funding as solely a "cost for product," it's important to recognize that this investment also has the potential to significantly increase awareness of Nouns within the artist's community.

This proposal presents a unique opportunity to support an artist while simultaneously promoting Nouns. Not only will the hardware itself be a tangible representation of Nouns' values, but the artist's social media efforts and the product's CC0 standing will serve to introduce new people to the Nouns ecosystem and its mission. If this proposal fails to pass, I find myself curious if the DAO's core values are truly about growth, adoption, and proliferation.

PROPOSAL 278 | Mint 5k "Stand with Crypto" NFTs and donate $100k to Gitcoin Crypto Advocacy Round | FOR

I strongly support voting in favor of this proposal because I believe that Nouns should take a stand for important causes such as crypto advocacy. We need to ensure that the systems and structures which allow the DAO to exist can continue to do so for years to come, and it’s clear that they are currently under threat. This proposal is about safeguarding the longevity of web3 and its potential to create a better future for all.

I also think that it's a great idea to push Nouns to the top of the leaderboard for minting this Open Edition. Nouns should work to become a leader in the broader web3 ecosystem by regularly interacting with projects in this manner.

This is an excellent opportunity for Nouns to take a stand for a meaningful cause and expand its overall presence.

PROPOSAL 279 | ethOS: A crypto-native, mobile OS | FOR

Nouns should be at the forefront of funding public goods, and ethOS is an excellent choice for investment. That alone makes me vote in favor of this proposal.

But beyond that, I firmly believe that Nouns should be *a leader in the broader web3 ecosystem*. How will we possibly proliferate the meme of Nouns is no one in our own world cares? Funding this allows Nouns to make a significant impact in the overall space.

My one hesitation: I strongly believe that Nouns should have a much stronger branding presence than is suggested in the proposal. Any Nounish components should not be optional, but instead default. However, looking at Apenoun's votewithreason, it looks like the team is open to sweetening the pot if this proposal passes.

PROPOSAL 280 | Name (recently acquired) Noun 687 on NFTR | AGAINST

This particular proposal, while obviously harmless, raises some important questions about what kind of proposals the DAO should be soliciting.

Though the proposal's premise is that the DAO gets to name a Noun, the proposal itself suggests the name. Though the proposal's 'background' section should state why this is something Nouns members should support, what's written acts only as an advertisement for NFTR. Though the proposal is 'free', it of course requires members of the DAO to vote, requiring gas fees.

This is not to say that we shouldn't pursue fun proposals, but rather that as a community we should be mindful of the potential for proposals to be used for purposes beyond their stated intentions.

In this case, it may be worth considering whether there are alternative ways to engage the community in a fun and lighthearted manner, without compromising the integrity of the governance system.

PROPOSAL 281 | Introducing Noun Computers | AGAINST

Love the idea of a Nouns computer! Do not love the fact that the proposal includes patents and trademarks which will be given to the creator.

Anything that uses the Nouns treasury to build a product should include a plan to move said product into the CC0 space, as this is undoubtably the best way to proliferate the meme that is Nouns.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to note that I see many proposals which include ballpark'd timelines and budgets. This almost always ends in the proposal not passing, and I think anyone who's creating a prop would do well to break up their ask into a variety of smaller proposals with extreme clarity around how the funds are being allocated.

Hope to see a CC0 Nouns computer in the future.

PROPOSAL 282 | Dynamic Quorum Updates | FOR

As the April delegate of Noun 652, it's fitting that my first and last votes were both related to the dynamic quorum. Following the implementation of a higher quorum via Proposal 261, only one proposal has failed to meet the new threshold - Proposal 269, the Gnarly EP. The rest of the proposals either succeeded in reaching the quorum or received more 'against' than 'for' votes.

However, I continue to believe that proposals receiving a majority of 'for' votes but failing to pass due to not meeting the threshold is ultimately detrimental to Nouns at this stage.

In my original vote against raising the quorum, I expressed opposition to the idea of "hell yes" voting, arguing that "the DAO's best interests lie in being open to individuals who are interested in building. When the DAO becomes too focused on 'hell yes' votes, it will receive less attention and energy. Some of the best innovations have been born out of skepticism and doubt."

I look forward to seeing more proposals work to proliferate Nouns in weird and wild ways and hope that other voters continue saying yes to bold ideas.

As my last words as Noun 652, I want to give a huge thank you to Wilson Cusack and the entire Nouns community for having me as a delegate.