//this started out as a one-page site. when a new entry was published, the former was removed. things are changing a bit, but for now, they’re still disappearing.//

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- building Base
- being a dad ☻

//some interesting projects I've worked on in the past//
- core team at FWB 
- pioneered a better decentralized web w/ Aave
- built partnerships with Gitcoin
- strategized NFT drops for SuperLayer
- made Frens (there may be more coming soon)
- cultivated community for Unsplash and Creative Market
- fostered patronage relationships for artists w/ Choirgirl
- experimented with the IRL via a boutique hotel and coffee shop called Evergreen
- shared good vibes from Alan Watts and Ram Dass w/ Formless

//how i started in web3//
- created a series of espresso-based NFTs in late Feb 2021 (.1 ETH each)
- made a more ambitious NFT project called '◇ 𖥂 ◇ // modular patch' (.8 ETH)
- became a part of the techoptimist cabbage patch
- ushered in a period of egg-based art in honor of the excellent patron of the arts, Aito (1 ETH)
- gained access to Mirror and published a piece on this new frontier
- joined the FWB governance committee

//how i spent my time in web 2.0//
i like hacking web 2.0-era algorithms to learn how to use them for the Power of Good. a few examples…
- told the teens on TikTok about a falling rocket (10 million views, 58,000 comments, 55,000 followers)
- shared the perspective of a sushi plate on a conveyer belt with Twitter, which Patton Oswalt called 'simple and perfect' (11 million views, 151,000 retweets, 427,000 likes)
- trained my tiktok algorithm to show videos that are so surreal you feel like you’re dreaming (2.3 million views, 13,000 retweets, 123,000 likes)
- made a series of YouTube videos about Roam Research and gained 1,000 subscribers (the amount required to monetize a channel)

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